915 West Maple St.
PO Box 144
Valley View, PA 17983
Hegins-Hubley Authority
    Hegins-Hubley Authority serves customers in both Hegins and Hubley Townships. The Authority was chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2001, created for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, operating and maintaining a water supply and distribution system for the consumers with the two townships.

Mission Statement of the Authority:

  • to provide the best possible water service at the lowest possible price.
  • to anticipate the water needs for the communities served and to prepare to meet those needs through engineering and financial planning
  • to expand into new service areas whenever feasible.
  • to strive continually for cost reduction and greater efficiency.
  • to initiate, promote, and keep informed of advances in water system technology.
  • to recruit, train, and motivate personnel capable of carrying out the policy in year's to come.

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